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FIRST POST! : The Making of (the concept of) Skeleton Jack

2009-05-06 02:41:38 by NightShadowTWO

Hi all. Glad you liked my first > 4.5 rating animation, Skeleton Jack and the Temple of the Musical Cuttlefish!

First of all, here's a dedicated blog to The Making Of : Skeleton Jack.

Let's have some background info on the project. This project is the final year project of what was supposed to be the Film & Animation course that I am taking here in my university.

Now all these past years, I'd been making 2D animations, 3D animations and motion graphics. I came into the university with a huge enthusiasm to create 3D animations. The reason for this was that I've been creating vehicular 3D animations prior to entering the university. You can view some of them here:

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Those are my two favourite ones. Notice that I animate mostly vehicles. Not one character to be seen. Over the years of the course, they suddenly focused on the importance of characters. So I had to do some 3D character animations. It was pretty fun. Here's one.

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Somewhere along the line, I decided that 3D really isn't my thing. After watching a lot of work by Genndy Tartakovsky, specially Samurai Jack, I had the urge to make 2D animations. The problem is that this isn't a 2D animation course so I had to figure most things out by myself.

I have however recieved some flash training during my internship period in my course. Also called Industrial training, I received some real-world training from a now defunct American Malaysian-based company.

They had an instructor from Canada give the training and it was great fun. He mostly taught motion tweening animation and how to make them look good, giving them the principles of animation and whatnot. Noticing my potential, he personally gave me some frame by frame tips and how to seamlessly mix them with motion tweens.

This inspirational instructor, coupled with my 2D enthusiasm convinced me to make a 2D animation for my final year project. And there you have it, the path that led to the creation of this little animation.

Design processes can be found here: /12/skeleton-jack-and-temple-of-terrac otta.html

Storyboard here: /12/slightly-more-detailed-storyboard.

Well thats it from me. Hope you enjoyed the background info and hope you enjoyed the animation!